Overwatch Competitive Arcade Game Modes

1) The first season, significant and not well known, is the bonus gain in competitive points at the end of the season. If you are working towards a golden weapon, you must give your best to get the highest rank before the end of the event. Indeed, rewards are :

Bronze : 40 bonus CP
Silver : 75 bonus CP
Gold : 150 bonus CP
Platinum : 300 bonus CP
Diamond : 450 bonus CP
Master : 750 bonus CP
Grandmaster : bonus 1000 CP

Do not forget either that the best ranked (in Top500) will have a spray and top500 icons as rewards !
Note that the animated version of the spray is only for Top500 from the usual competitive mode since many seasons ago. However the tag remains rare as it's not obtainable after the season ends.
Beware not to forget you cannot stock more than 6000 competitive points. If you have more than 4k points, it will be wise to spend it before getting the Arcade rewards !

2) The second reason is equally disregarded : your rank in arcade is linked to your classic competitive one. It can appear to be underwhelming. What's the point in doing your placements if you end up with the same rank. Well, if you succeed in your placements, you will have more chances to climb up your arcade rating, and the link will benefit your usual ranked games ! Because your matchmaking value (called MMR) will be higher.
Therefore, you will gain more points for each win and lose less points upon defeat as usual. It's like a second change to climb back from downhill.

3) There are way less players interested, so it's easier to climb.
So yes, queue times are longer .. and this is one of the main reason we have demands for Arcade boosting. Sometimes queue time can go up to 15 minutes !
But this is worthwhile : less players means a high ranking more accessible. Top500 is usually around 3500 ! Rewards are more easily and quickly accessible. If you always wish you had a spray, don't miss on this opportunity !

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