The majority of the top-tier PvP community is not so happy about the changes Blizzard made in terms of class design.

They are mostly complaining about the major GCD change that occured. It basically puts most of the offensive and defensive spells on the global cooldown with your other abilities, while they used to be out of the GCD since ever.

It's unlikely Blizzard will revert this core mechanic change, so players will have to get used to it. But this is not the only change they made.

With the removal of the artefact ability and traits and most of the honor talents (you can now pick up to 3), classes feel incomplete. We can now only wait and see if they commit to their decisions or tune it towards a faster gameplay.

If you were playing back in the days and wonder if you should come back to WoW, the pace of the game is very similar to what it was during The Burning Crusade (level 70). Even if Pvp-ers tend to prefer a faster gameplay nowadays, you can still give it a shot as it's probably easier to catch a train that is moving slowly :)