[OVERWATCH NEWS] buffs to McCree and Reaper, Nerf Roadhog

[OVERWATCH NEWS] buffs to McCree and Reaper, Nerf Roadhog

Overwatch Patch 1.12 Release Date and Time .

The Overwatch Anniversary event is running until June 12, so it’s likely the patch will go live just after that. It could be the very next day, or it could be the following week, but don’t expect it any later than June 21.

.Overwatch Patch 1.12 Hero Balance Changes

McCree – buffed

Deadeye :

– Targets now begin locking on after 0.2 seconds, instead of 0.8 seconds
– Damage accumulated over the first 1.0 seconds increased from 20 to 80 (damage per second after the first 1.0 seconds is unchanged)

Developer Comments: “McCree’s ultimate can deal a lot of damage if it has a lot of time to build up, but it was often too difficult to get even a small amount of damage out before being stopped or killed. These changes make it more flexible and powerful.”

Reaper – buffed

The Reaping (Passive) :

– Removed health orbs
– Now regains 20% of all damage done to heroes as health

Developer Comments: “Reaper’s old healing passive was useful if you could kill a bunch of enemies in a row. But since enemies needed to be dead for it to work, it wasn’t very helpful unless the situation was already in your favor. His new passive lets him get immediate benefit from it, especially when fighting Tank heroes, which tend to be larger targets that deal lower damage.”

Roadhog – Nerfed

General :

– Head hitbox size reduced by 20%

Scrap Gun :

– Bullet damage decreased by 33%
– Fire rate increased by 30%
– Clip size increased from 4 to 5

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