We offer both self-played and piloted boosts. Discover our services below.

Usually starts within a few minutes. Meet and chat with your booster directly !




overwatch boosting soloqueue


This is the most straight forward and cheapest boost to gain SR.
You can watch the show if you take the Livestream option.
We always keep a low profile, play offline mode and don't reply to messages.

Buy Solo / Duo
overwatch boosting selfplay


You can choose which booster will play with you.
You play on your own account so you cannot get striked by Blizzard for boosting.
This service is charged on an hourly rate. Its purpose is to help you improve by playing high SR duos.

Buy Self-Play
overwatch boosting placements


This service helps you get the best results out of your placement games.
You can opt to play yourself if you choose the Duo option.
You can watch the show if you take the Livestream option.
We always keep a low profile, play offline mode and don't reply to messages.

Buy Placements
overwatch boosting top500


Top500 is the most prestigious boost we offer.
We manage multiple orders every season and do not fail any.
You can choose if you only want to reach Top500 at the current time,
or to maintain it until the end of season and get the rewards associated.

Buy Top500

overwatch coaching


An Overwatch Coaching consists of a coach watching you play and analysing your gameplay.
It's better if you can livestream the game yourself, else a recording can work.
You may also want to play Duos with your coach, you just have to mention it.
Lastly, we have an aim coaching course dedicated to find and perfect your aim.

Buy Coaching
overwatch boosting arcade


This includes every arcade game modes: 6V6 / CTF / DEATHMATCH / 3V3
Our booster will play on your account to gain rating.
You can watch the show if you take the Livestream option.
We always keep a low profile, play offline mode and don't reply to messages.

Buy Arcade
overwatch boosting antidecay


Anti Decay can help you maintain your rating even if you don't play.
You can order an amount of week and we'll keep your SR up for this period of time.
You can watch the show if you take the Livestream option.
We always keep a low profile, play offline mode and don't reply to messages.

Buy Anti-Decay
overwatch boosting leveling


Leveling is a way to get your account to level 25 or more without having to do the grind.
We do not use any bots to level up, you can safely hand over your account.
It's possible to specify heroes to play with the Specific Character option.

Buy Levels
buy overwatch accounts


This service is very unique to EasyboostMe. We sell Overwatch Accounts that we admins, personnaly own.
This is not a marketplace, we don't sell accounts that can be taken back.
In fact, we use fake names that you are able to change and make the account truely yours.
If you're looking to buy a fresh level 25 account for smurfing or have a specific request, this is the place.

Buy Accounts


fill the order form

Select a service and use the calculator to create your order.

Other specific informations will be asked later.

If you can't find a service or an option that fits your need, you can already write us a message in the livechat !

register and pay

Verify the informations and create an account.

If it's your first order here, you can enter the promo code "WELCOME5" and get -5% discount on your order.

We only accept PayPal as a payment method, you will be redirected to their website for payment and then back to EasyboostMe.

we handle your order

Your order is now placed, an admin will contact you shortly in the chat to collect details (heroes you want us to play, etc) and publish your order.

If you wish to delay the start of your boost, you just have to tell us at this moment.

If your order isn't started as quickly as you expected, you may ask for a full refund.

Pay attention that we are based in Europe and our livechat is closed at night, if you order during night time you'll have to wait for the morning before your boost is processed.

we handle your order

A booster picks your order and is ready to start.

If you are AFK when it happens, we will send an email to inform you.

The booster will ask you for revelant informations, Battletag or Email/Password, depending on the nature of the boosting.

Blizzard has an extra security when someones tries to log on your account, you'll be asked for an authentication code in your email or a phone verification.

you can watch the boost

Your boost has started, you can sit back and chat with your booster.

He will give you progress updates, they will appear as desktop notifications.

If your boost is extended over several days, your booster will inform you when he wants to log back in the next days.

Don't hesitate to tell him if you want to have your account back and not to log in for a period of time.


  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 18, 2019, United States
    Duo from 951 to 1750, on PC
    " Duke was the best. i would highly recommend him and this service. I chose the duo self play and had a blast climbing the ranks. "
  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 18, 2019, Spain
    Solo from 2660 to 2800, on PC
    " As allways really fast service. Kuro is a great booster. Recommended "
  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 17, 2019, France
    Solo from 3603 to 4010, on PC
    " Fast and clean, realy pro from kise ! Thx for all :) "
  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 17, 2019, Norway
    7 Platinum Placements, on PC
    " Very very good!!! "
  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 17, 2019, Germany
    1 hour(s) Self-Play with Immaterial on PC
    " Reliable person. Nice plays ... "
  • Overwatch boosting review
    Jan. 16, 2019, Norway
    Duo from 1800 to 2000, on PC
    " It was a really nice and fun experience, will use this service again one day. "