◾ This is a Self Played service. You are the only one playing your account.

◾ The difficulty of the raid is set to Heroic.

◾ If you have any questions, ask directly on the Livechat !


We guarantee at least 7 items on Master loot runs and 12 items on ViP runs. These will be the minimum guaranteed loots however if you're really lucky you can get up to 2 to 3 items per boss which end up with an average of 20/22 items at the end of the run.

As a bad luck protection, if the minimum guaranteed loot amount isn't reached we'll get you to another run for FREE.


◾ You get the Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker achievement.

◾ You get the Violet Spellwing Mount.

◾ You have a chance to loot the legendary trinket Aman'thul's Vision.

european servers only



Personal Loot : You will get random items from the different bosses. We sadly can't guarantee items since it depends on your luck.

Raid Difficulty: Heroic

Service Type: Self Played

Your order will get maximum priority over others and we'll try to complete it in one sitting if it's possible.

+ 15%

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